Here comes the sun

Spring mountain shelter to Hot Springs, North Carolina 11 miles

Up and out of the shelter by 9 o’clock had a restaurant meal on my mind the trip was mostly downhill into Hot Springs, North Carolina.   The sun was out it was a beautiful day for hiking. Although I was pelted with acorns and Chestnut blown from the trees. 

The numbers are getting smaller. Springer Mountain is zero.   

The view into Hot Springs   

A raging river from all of the rain.   

The first sunshine on the trail.  I am currently at the laughing heart hostile, Enjoying a shower and a bed tomorrow.  Up early for a town breakfast stop at the outfitters grabbing a sub to go for dinner and I’m off on the big climb tomorrow.

My town dinner   

A T blaze in this on the sidewalk 

Laughing Heart Hostel, a great place to stay