Embrace the Rain

Day 3

Jerry Cabin Shelter to Spring Mountain Shelter. 15.4 miles.

Had a geat nights sleep in the hammock. I am liking snuggling deep down into the down sleeping bag.  I didn’t wake up till after 8:00 and didn’t leave for the trail till 10:00. Rained the entire morning. The trail was slick, my feet stayed wet, but I embraced the rain. We just don’t get that many opportunities to play in the rain at home.

I got to the next shelter at 2 o’clock, and met two SOBO (south bound) through hikers that had traveled all the way down from Maine. I was just going to relax and set up the hammock, but they were going to go all the way to Hot Springs, a truly unreasonable amount of miles. So I slammed on my pack and headed for the next shelter 9 miles away. It wasn’t easy but I made it by 6:30, quickly made my dinner of garlic noodles and went off to sleep.  Oh yea, saw 2 bears on the way, just doing bear stuff.

Green Tunnel

Day 2

Flint Mtn. Shelter to Jerry Cabin Shelter. 6.4 miles

The Green Tunnel refers to the forest we have been hiking through.   With all of the trees and brush, we have not had many great views yet. Just a trail carpeted with leaves of all shapes and sizes and brush.  Occasionally we pop out into a meadow, and then back into  the trees.

Slept ok in the shelter last night, on the trail by 9:00, and hiked to next Jerry Cabin Shelter for a low mileage day. Rained all night and all day.  I got here at 2:00 and just didn’t want to go anymore, and the next shelter was another 6.9 miles away. Set up my hammock for tonight. I’ll pick up some miles tomorrow.

Get off the ground 

The blue bag hanging from the cables is my food 

Had cornbread dressing and vanilla pudding for dinner.

If it’s not in the pile…

  If it’s not in the pile it is not coming. It does not look like enough for 31 days, I just hope it fits in the backpack. tomorrow we are off for Asheville, North Carolina, via Atlanta. then I start the trail bright and early Thursday morning.

Full Pack

Did my last pre-trip hike with my pack at trip weight at Pedernalas Falls State Park. A good time was had by all!   Just 10 more days till the adventure begins. I think I’m ready.   And a special thanks to the Rosner’s for my Dirty Girl Gaiters!!!! 

   Hiking in style with the Dirty Girls.   They are like a little hug for your ankles. 

   Required trail selfie

  Someone was busy

  River snake  

A walk to the theatre

Yes, I have seen A Walk in the Woods.  I have also ready the book and seen Wild (but not yet read that one).   I liked it ok as a Hollywood buddy picture…but it was much less about the hiking, the AT, and the community surrounding the trail than the book was.  For me, the book was much more entertaining and enlightening on both the AT and long distance hiking.  The movie was fun and beautiful.  I would just like to hire the service that brought Robert Redford a fresh outfit every day on the trail.  I’m just bringing one “go” outfit, one town outfit, and a to and bottom for sleep.

Hill country natural area

drove from the popup in kerrville out past bandera to the hill country state natural area. Had a great morning hike. Love this place. Will have to come back for a primitive overnight